Dating should be fun

Dating, especially first dates are always tricky. Some people claim that dates are like job interviews: you dress up nicely, smile and try to present the best version of yourself. But, how many times have you had the feeling that things are not moving forward? Not even after such preparations. You offered your best self and still, it is not working out. He or she may just not be that into you. In such a situation, surely you asked yourself: “What the f**k is wrong with me?” I know. We´ve all been there, if that helps! But that´s exactly what

Tips to become an excellent lover

How many of you have ever wondered if you’re a good lover or a so so one? What does it mean to be a good lover and how can you be sure you’ll always be an excellent one? First of all, please do not stress too much about it. All of us have been there and it´s likely that you and your sex partner worry about exactly the same things at the same time. So keep on reading because today, we are going to tell you all the secrets that will make you an excellent lover. Let’s get started! When